Who We Are

The Ardglass Vikings are a not for profit cross-community organisation primarily involved in charity fundraising. We are a regular presence at community festivals in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Our group can be hired for charity fundraising, to launch a community or corporate event, organise races in our Replica Viking Longships, take part in parades, or just get your party off to a memorable start! Through our Viking heritage work with schools we play a role in educating young people, and have many links with historical societies, living history and Viking re-enactment groups. Both vessels and vikings are involved in TV and film work.

Our Ethos

Since its inception, the Ardglass Viking Association has helped to raise tens of thousands of pounds for local and national institutions whose key objectives are the preservation, recognition and respect of life & conservation of the environment. The group also engages with cultural heritage as a bridge for cross-community relations.